Every company or business has a brand identity. Brand identity is the culmination of everything your company has – from the product, logo, services, social media presence to how your product and/or service fits into your target market. It is your company’s street cred. 

Your company is a living entity and will inform you what is working or if something needs tweaking. Great branding ideas come from this, and it often comes after you’ve been in business for a little while. A targeted audience is more than just an age group or even having to do with belonging to a particular socio-economic level. Your target audience is characterized by a type of individual with a style they like. 

As a business owner, the best branding ideas come from your experience, either as part of that target group or by dealing with people who represent that group. For example, let’s say your company’s products are pet treats for pets with allergies and medical issues (our personal wish at EDK).

Here, your social media presence can be rather universal since many struggle with finding healthy treats that are tasty for their pets. Of course, they should be pet owners, but they truly don’t have to have pets that are allergic. They just may be interested in healthy treats for their pets since prevention is a strong belief among this group.

This describes personal experience or being part of the group you are trying to attract with your branding ideas.

Words like tasty, healthy, and vet-approved are great to include in your branding ideas. Remember, your branding ideas should also include marketing to canines and felines since they are part of the targeted audience. A word to the wise – the pet food industry is heavily regulated, both at the state and federal levels.

Doing your research early on before the actual launching of your business is ideal, but some of the information you are looking for might not be present yet. Some information won’t be available until you’ve tested what you currently have. Like a child, your business will learn and inform you, and your new branding ideas will be based on all of the information, which will make them unique and brilliant, and that will make marketing your business a cinch.

Learn about the importance of branding in our short video!

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