McDonald’s. Nike. These household brand names are instantly recognizable and familiar to us for what they deliver. In each case, whether it’s fast food or apparel, each brand delivers on a set of promises.

Just what makes a brand so powerful to us as consumers? Is there a magical formula that makes us remember or prefer one brand of coffee or ice cream over another? There may not be a secret  formula, per se, but there are certain companies that tell such a powerful, great story that it resonates with the consumer at all the touch points, exemplifying what a brand is all about.

By definition, a brand is a promise to a customer. That promise can be delivered in the form of world class customer service, amazing quality, or a memorable experience. It also differentiates your company from the competition. So why is branding so important to a business? Done consistently and with a strategy, branding can take a company from just a business that provides products or services to a differentiated, unique company with its own original voice. If McDonald’s wasn’t the McDonald’s we all know and love with the memorable golden arches, it would just be another drive-thru hamburger joint that provides fast food.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a company’s brand is just their logo or website. It goes way beyond that! These are just the visual aspects that represent the brand and how we as consumers recognize and perceive the brand. A company’s brand identity consists of elements such as the logo, website, printed marketing material, advertising, and signage.

These elements help connect and tell the story to the consumer. But what story are we telling? That comes with each point of contact made with the brand. Is the brand delivering on its promise of stellar customer service? Top quality design? Reliability and consistency?


Image credit Talenti

The best companies in the world deliver on their brand promises consistently, hence why we may purchase a Nike tennis shoe over another brand. We know by purchasing a Nike tennis shoe, we’re going to receive a certain set of deliverables: a high-quality tennis shoe that performs well, whether we’re jogging or playing basketball.

Do you have an established brand story for your business? If not, it may be time for a revamp! Understanding your own company’s story and unique voice is just the beginning of establishing your own brand. If you’re interested in creating a brand marketing strategy for your own small business, contact us today.