White paper marketing can be one of the best ways a company can promote their business. A well-written white paper is used as a marketing tool and outlines a product or service used to solve a business problem. Typically written as an in-depth report, white papers are meant to persuade readers that their solution solves a problem and ultimately influence decision-making. 

white paper marketing

An astute business writer can assist with writing the mighty white paper. From research and data-gathering to interviews, a business writer can work their magic, writing the perfect words and describing how that company helped solve a problem with their service or product, so the average layperson can understand the data and the solution. 

Depending on the type of business one has, companies may hire a business writer who understands the stock market, the world of finance, as well as current economic developments and how it relates to their business. 

If you believe that white papers are old school or outdated, you are very wrong! White papers are an excellent resource for any business because they educate and inform with facts and statistics. These may be gathered from test studies or surveys performed within a set limit of time under specific circumstances.

A good business writer will correctly format a white paper and keep pertinent information front and center. There’s usually so much information in white papers that you will have content for ages!

For example, let’s say your company makes tech gadgets, and some of them are great hacks that would help an audience composed of those that aren’t your everyday tech-minded people.

The information in those white papers will explain what that gadget does and outline details from the data gathered (in a controlled study, for example, X% of stay-at-home mothers found that this gadget helped keep things organized). 

So yes, a savvy business writer, through tools such as white papers, can help put your business on the map and give your audience an abundance of knowledge about your own business that you might not even know.

Remember, these white papers must inform and educate the reader in a language that speaks to them to understand an issue or possibly make a decision.

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