If you’re selling products or services online, chances are you’ve already thought about how you’re going to convert your visitors into customers. This isn’t something that can be figured out overnight; it takes some diligence and research. Investing the time and energy to see what your customer wants can help when drafting a sales letter, which is often one of the first ways a customer learns about your product or service.

The Basics of a Sales Letter

The sales process has been studied for decades. In its most basic form, the sales process usually involves the interaction between a potential buyer and the person hired to procure the sale of products or services. Depending on the type of products or services sold, companies often hire professional salespeople to sell their wares.

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In the day and age of online shopping and the internet, those days are changing fast. While there are still salespeople out there, in the age of digital technology the ways we’re communicating with each other are changing. Getting in front of your potential customer base and making a strong impression is critical to creating brand awareness, especially when you’re a new company and every interaction counts.

So while you’re starting to build your organic reach on Google and get the word out about your new business, many companies begin the process of marketing their company through a well-written sales letter. What can a targeted sales letter do for your business? It can provoke interest and demand in your product or service, that’s what! Whether you decide to email this letter or go old-school with direct mail, there are some elements that stand the test of time.

Here are some basics to think about when writing your first sales letter:

  • Create an attention-getting introductory paragraph, and get to the point quickly. If you don’t engage your reader right away, the rest of the letter is useless and won’t be read.
  • Think about what’s in it for your customer. If the letter is targeted effectively, this should be pretty easy.How will they benefit from your product or service?
  • Include a short call-to-action at the end of the letter; compel them to do something, whether that’s call you, email you, or fill out your offer.
  • Keep it simple. Nobody likes really hard to understand language, and will get turned off if the letter or offer is remotely difficult.
  • Keep the sentences and paragraphs short and easy to read.

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