If you work in the hospitality industry, you understand that over the past few years, it has become hypercompetitive.

The demands of the current generational influences are quickly moving the industry past the historical offerings of decades past. Today’s clientele expects providers to be socially conscious, technologically advanced, and much more thoughtful to the simple details of comfort and style. This can really test hospitality providers at every level. Let’s take a look at some hospitality trends on the horizon for 2020.


The internet has opened our social reach to a global community and influence. Hyperlocalism is focusing on the extreme details of the local community. From the design of the property to cultural influences, to the food offerings, the expectation is that the provider focus on everything local! Guests want to be immersed in all elements of the local culture. Gone are the days of the corporate, cookie-cutter establishments. 

Vegetarian, Vegan and Organic Offerings

Offering vegetarian, vegan, and organic options is a must for every aspect of hospitality. The key is education of both operational and support staff. From the front desk to the back end of the restaurant to the marketing department, everyone must understand the aspects of each. You don’t have to offer a full vegan menu, but you do need to have vegetarian, vegan, and organic options. 


Your clients want to know that you as a hospitality provider are operating in an environmentally sound and responsible manner. Finishes and fixtures should not be manufactured or produced with animal products. Linens, towels, and draperies should be produced from organic and sustainable material. Smart lighting, heating, and air systems should be used throughout the property. Biodegradable products must replace plastics or one-time use products across all platforms.

Smart Properties and IoT

Homes and workplaces are increasingly becoming digital and very smart. Technology is making our lives simpler and providing a much higher level of service. Hospitality clients look for the most current technology to be available in every aspect of their experience. They are also looking for the familiar. In other words, does their technology sync or mesh with the properties offering and lead to a seamless experience?

Bleisure Experience 

Hospitality clients are working in a more flexible environment. The trend now is to tie ‘business’ travel and ‘leisure’ travel into one experience becoming known as “bleisure.” Hospitality properties need to adapt their offerings to meet these changing needs.

As you can see, these hospitality trends can be overwhelming and challenging for restaurants and hotel properties. Owners and operators need to ensure they are on top of these considerations and ensure they can compete in a changing market. 

The first step is to work with a marketing professional to better understand hospitality trends and details. A specialized agency can work with you through the different considerations and help you reach clients more effectively and thoughtfully. 

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