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There has always been a debate on the real value of marketing. Is a strong marketing strategy necessary for business success? Unfortunately, when cash flow starts to shrink, the first thing that gets cut is the marketing budget. That single action alone is the most confused and frustrating decision made by an entrepreneur ever!

Most will agree that an effective marketing program generates sales leads. Without marketing, there will be no sales. Without sales, there will be no business.

Sales cures all. If you’re going to be a successful company, you can’t just talk about your great idea. You have to actually sell something. There’s never been a company that has ever succeeded without sales.

~ Mark Cuban

In today’s marketplace, you will find the sales and marketing departments intertwined more than ever before. They are functioning more and more as one department, with two separate roles.

An effective marketing strategy will influence every step of the sales cycle.

No matter what vision you have for your business, your vision will remain an elusive dream without an effective marketing strategy. No matter how well you have developed the business, products, or services, getting the word out and attracting the right customers is a challenge. That is where your marketing program comes in. Here are a few concepts you will need to develop your marketing strategy:

The Strategy – The sum of activities that move a business forward to achieving long and short-term sales goals. It involves an in-depth market evaluation, demographics, and a competitive environment.

Tell Your Story – You must have a strong and compelling story for your organization, telling everyone who you are and what you stand for. Building a storyline with a leading character allows customers to connect with your company on a personal level.

Connect With Customers – Logical customers exist in every business, but they do not keep the lights on. You generate sales by marketing that connects with customers on an emotional, personal basis. You must be relatable.

Customer Focused – Everything you do must be customer-driven and focused. A marketing strategy will clearly demonstrate the importance of customer relationships. Every step of the way must be all about the customer. Sam Walton once said, “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Everywhere You Look – Especially in today’s digital environment, your marketing strategy must touch every platform available, both traditional and digital. Everywhere your customers go, you must have a presence.

Let’s Grow and Build – Just like your business, your marketing program must be scalable and agile. You need to have clarity and be willing to quickly expand to embrace new opportunities, meeting customers’ ever-changing demands.

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