Hey, if an astronaut can post selfies on Instagram, why not a small business?

astronaut_instagram_EDKIf you’re like any small company, you’ve got a story to tell about your business. What inspired you to start? How do you help your customers? What is it like behind the scenes of your brand? What you may not realize is that this info is very interesting for your customer or target market. So why not get it out there for the world to see?

You may be thinking, how can you do this? Well, with social media marketing methods this has become a lot easier. With the visual image sharing app Instagram it’s not only easier, but a heck of a lot of fun! With over 1 billion users and counting, Instagram is a must-have in any small business’s social media marketing arsenal. While all small businesses can benefit from Instagram marketing, certain businesses such as fashion retailers and restaurants have benefited enormously from the visual aspect of the platform, and have been able to drive online sales and foot traffic through their doors.

Here are some neat ways to use Instagram to market your small business:

  • Go behind the scenes! If you’re a clothing boutique, taking images of your employees prepping the shop or stocking gives your customers a different dimension to your business and creates engagement.
  • Take your followers with you. If you’re attending an industry function such as a trade show, let your followers know. It will give them a better feel of your brand and what you’re all about. You can also use location specific hashtags for the function in the area, which also opens up your reach.
  • Don’t be afraid of the selfie! Did you know that Instagram photos with faces get 38 percent more likes? While you don’t want to make this a regular habit, research shows that Instagram feeds with faces regularly get more engagement and comments than those that don’t. Use the selfie to take pictures with employees and customers.
  • If you’ve got pets around, flaunt them! You can count on your furry friends to get comments and likes.
  • Have a new product or service you’re excited to share? Announce it on Instagram! Make your followers feel special and give them the inside scoop.

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