If you go back in history to the sixties and the hippies, many followed vegan or vegetarian dietary lifestyles. The hippie belief in natural food products is still strong today! The following list of natural food products dates back to this era: dates, seaweed, turmeric, ginger, miso, tahini, all kinds of seeds, greens, kimchi, quinoa, and kombucha. All these natural food products held up the test of time. Kudos to the hippies, who were also among the first to believe in animal rights and food as medicine.

The generation before the baby boomers, also known as the Silent Generation, believed in TV dinners and heavily processed foods, and, of course, the alcoholic drink before and after dinner. Experts say that the baby boomers, who grew up to be hippies, were rebelling against the establishment. Well, the anti-establishment hippies have won folks! 

Fast forward to the present day. We picked kombucha as an example of a popular product gaining traction in the natural food products segment. Visit any traditional grocery or health food store, and you’ll see aisles filled with kombucha teas and drinks, complete with creatively branded packaging.

Made from green tea, black tea, juices and added bacteria, kombucha is a fermented natural food product that comes as organic or non-organic. 

According to Statista, kombucha is one of the fastest-growing natural food products. The worldwide market value is projected to increase up to $8.15 billion by 2026. 

As a health drink, kombucha’s reputation rates are incredibly high. There are claims that it helps stimulate the immune system, improve sleep, and help in weight management and hair loss reversal. It was promoted to cure or prevent various chronic illnesses such as AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any scientific evidence that proves this. In fact, there is evidence that kombucha may have adverse effects. However, this hasn’t stopped the sales. They are still strong and getting stronger. As with any food and drink, you need to know your own body and what you can tolerate. 

Many natural food products like kombucha have made their way into the mainstream with robust marketing and branding strategies. What started out as a niche market for the hippies has grown into a billion-dollar industry that appeals to health-conscious consumers worldwide.

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