Good content writing has many definitions. Some say it’s all about the SEO optimization; others believe it is about the actual information being provided, while some say it is about being grammatically correct and well-formatted. Well, the truth is that these are all essential elements of good content writing.

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As a business, the secret sauce to making content writing worth its weight in gold is that you must speak to your audience about what is important to them concerning your products or services. In theory, if you have your competition reading your blogs, then you’ve hit your mark.

If your site is rich in useful content, it will become a resource for others. They will come and visit your site to see what you have to say. If you are inspired by what you are writing, that will transcend to the reader.

It has been said that if you are going to wait to get inspired to write, that you’d never write.

To that, we would say, “If you aren’t inspired by the words you write, then change their context.” Our own quote was inspired by writer Anthony T. Hincks. The truth is, everyone is inspired by someone who writes their truth based upon their experience in the matter. There is innate confidence that you arrive at when you write from the heart regardless of the topic.

You could write about SEO optimization and get technical off the bat about its importance, or you could simply turn a personal experience into a question. An example: “How would you feel if you had this great service to offer customers, but because you weren’t optimized for the search engines, nobody knew you existed?” 

Good content writing will inspire, inform, evoke trust, create loyalty, and befriend. Want to elevate the content writing on your website or other marketing materials? Learn about EDK’s content writing services! Give us a call at 818.488.1543 or email!