As big fans of the Beyond Meat brand here at EDK, we’d thought we’d share some interesting Beyond Meat statistics making an impact. This is pertaining to their Beyond Burger product. Did you know that Beyond Burger produces 90% less gas emissions and uses 46% less energy, 99% less water, and 93% less land versus the conventional beef burger?

vegan branding

Here’s a phenomenal statistic that is very telling of Beyond Meat’s marketing success. According to Ethan Brown, founder of Beyond Meat, he disclosed in a recent interview that 93% of those who buy Beyond Meat are mainstream consumers and not vegans or vegetarians. 

It is fair to say that this is a vegan branding success story! The effectiveness of the brand marketing behind Beyond Meat is twofold; it sells the product and gets the word out in the most clever way — you can call it primal. The vegan brand hits on everything that is important: health, delicious tasty food, and saving the world. 

In their vegan branding strategy, the actual marketing and target audience, although not overt, is geared towards non-vegans. Truth be told, there are more non-vegans than actual vegans, and a vegan doesn’t care what the protein patty looks like. In fact, most vegans try to avoid “faux” meats altogether. 

A few keys behind the Beyond Meat vegan branding strategy:

1) They market their products to non-vegans or mainstream consumers. This is reflected in the way their products look and are advertised.

2) The actual company mission does hit the primal desires of vegans. Concerns about global warming, health, protecting our natural resources and animal welfare, while traditionally the focus for vegans, have now gone mainstream.

This is what true vegan branding is. It’s all about getting the brand message out while providing a strong product that the mainstream is seduced by. Beyond Meat, and their form of vegan branding is sheer genius. 

The bigger picture is of the impact Beyond Meat’s vegan branding strategy has had on getting the word out into the mainstream. Getting the mainstream to listen isn’t easy. This goes far beyond meat and into the solution to what’s currently ailing our world. 

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