Good professional photography has been a staple at our office at EDK, even before it was a thing. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when our founder and CEO Endrea Kosven was asked by Shutterstock, one of the largest stock photography sites around, to give her opinion about the value of good professional photography.

good professional photography

We have been using good professional photography on just about everything that has a message to drive out to our readers. Recently, we worked on a campaign for a client. Now, our writers are top-notch writers, so when we wrote about the topic of the Great Migration in Africa and we added actual pictures of the event, it took the campaign to a whole new level!

Endrea personally agrees with her competitors, who have stated that more diversity and naturalism is needed in the photographs that the stock photo industry provides. We observe and watch trends, and that’s something we keep in mind when working with clients.

To expound on her answer of health and wellness, Endrea is looking at now and at the future of things to come, and this is what she addressed when she was asked for her opinion. Since climate change is a huge issue, lifestyle changes are starting to be addressed, so images relating to veganism, plant-based foods, endangered animals, and hybrid cars are more commonly seen. These themes are all connected and indicative of things to come. You can read more on this in her interview here. 

Of course, since many of the stock photo houses have generic photos, one needs to decide how and when to use particular photos in order to illustrate what you are trying to convey. Endrea believes that you can feel the difference. So hopefully, the future holds a brand new batch of good professional photography because we can honestly attest that they do bring value to the written word and its messaging.

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