There was a time when big corporations or companies would eat up and purchase small businesses, creating even bigger corporations and companies that would lose sight of their most important commodity, which was the customer.    

small business branding

So personalized customer service went out in favor of what seemed like lower prices. Some of these companies aren’t around today. A couple comes to mind, such as Fry’s Electronics and Blockbuster Video. Many probably remember when your favorite little video store got eaten up by Blockbuster, or your favorite electronic hobby store died once Fry’s opened up. The irony is that both places eventually resorted to excellent customer service when they were down to their last store and had fans. The spirit of the small business lives on, just not in a giant corporation cocoon.

The moral of the story is that the customer is very important and should be reflected in your small business branding. This will personalize and contribute to your customer’s experience. Those customers will make your small business a success. Luckily, small businesses are making a comeback, which means happier customers and more meaningful experiences.

The power of small business branding can create trust. Your customers will know what you stand for and feel great about spending their hard-earned money on an ethical business. Great branding will also make your business stand out from the rest by creating recognition. It may be a strong logo, business name, or mantra, but business recognition is like an old friend the customer is happy to see.

Powerful small business branding should always have the greater good in mind to create value. This is very important to your customer.

Using emotion in your small business branding will elicit your customers to care about your brand and what you stand for. This generates loyalty and kinship, and that is exactly what you want for long-term success for your business. 

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