Content marketing has an important role. Its primary function is to create interest in a product or service. This is created by using various mediums such as videos, blog posts, or whitepapers to convey meaningful information. 

content marketing

In fact, you have seen extremely effective examples of content marketing located through… drum roll please…social media! 

Perhaps you were scrolling along on Instagram liking all the posts from fellow dog lovers and commenting on how cute their pets look in their costumes that their mommy or daddy made them. As you kept scrolling, you came across a vegetable slicer that cuts every vegetable into fancy little pieces. Then it shows a video of the product in use, and a friendly voice tells you that this little $29.95 item does everything those expensive ones do for 1/10th the price. 

The friendly voice (now the voice of reason) tells you that scientific data shows that the more vegetables you consume, the lower your blood pressure, the more energy you will have, and you will be a bundle of health because you are consuming more veggies. 

This company touts that the shape and size of the veggie cut by this vegetable cutter make the difference. Oh, and then everyone knows that certain veggies are great to add to a dog’s diet. You and your dog won’t even notice these veggies are in your food because they are cut specifically with this vegetable cutter. 

While educating the audience about the benefits of eating vegetables, it is also subtly promoting its product. This is an effective example of content marketing, and it is powerful because it works! 

This video was strategically designed to target all that’s important to its audience. This video was actually placed on a colleague’s Instagram. She is vegan, so vegetables are an essential part of her life; she is also health-conscious and a dog advocate. The content marketing she came across was compelling, because it hit all the marks. 

The truth is that content marketing is a powerful way to reach audiences without being overt. Because it offers helpful information and speaks directly to you, the consumer, it can be an effective way to sell and grow brand awareness.

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