When we talk about sustainable marketing, we mean that type of marketing that promotes products and services with social regard to the environment. In other words, sustainable marketing’s main intention is to improve life as we know it by promoting products and services that don’t harm the environment, or in some cases, actually improve the environment.

sustainable marketing

The words sustainable, or sustainability, have been used so much lately that its definition might get confusing. So for all intents and purposes, we’ll discuss sustainability in the light of knowing how to exist continuously.

So when we discuss the topic of sustainable marketing, it is marketing and promoting products and services that don’t harm the environment, or that the company who makes this product is helping the environment through some altruistic gesture. 

Here at EDK, we have always felt that people will spend a little extra money if the product doesn’t harm the environment, is recyclable, or the company’s brand and mission is currently helping our world in some way. Sustainable marketing isn’t a new concept for us, since most of our clients either have products or provide a service that fits the sustainability concept.

So how many times have you been on one of your social media accounts and saw a bracelet or piece of jewelry and thought, although very nice, at the moment you didn’t have intentions of buying it? Then you read that a portion of the proceeds goes to a sanctuary that helps your favorite animal and immediately made a purchase!

The bottom line is that today’s consumer is extremely savvy and cares about how they spend their money, where their money is going, and how it’s helping us globally. Companies such as IKEA have made it their mission to be sustainable and renewable on the materials they make their products from. 

According to Forbes, by 2022, the city of Helsingborg, along with IKEA and their partners, will present real solutions for a completely sustainable city that is affordable and practical for the people, planet and society. 

Sustainability is here to stay and is definitely something we can all feel good about.