Small business owners often wear many hats when running their business. From handling customer needs to paying bills, these important duties are often left to the owner out of necessity. As the business grows and the ability to hire employees becomes possible, tasks like these become the responsibility of others, leaving the business owner to handle other revenue-generating tasks.

One task often left to the business owner is finding new customers. Unless the business is at a level where hiring a sales force is possible, often it is up to the owner to find ways to generate new business. Depending on the type of business you’re in will drive the type of marketing efforts you’ll enlist.


Whether you’re just starting out in business or have led a successful enterprise, you’ve had some engagement with email marketing. Either you’ve been the recipient of email marketing programs, or you’ve tried your hand at sending out an email campaign.

What should you know about email marketing? Simply put, it is one of the most affordable ways to reach your target market, and is perfect for small business regardless of your industry.

How can you use your email marketing campaigns to generate leads? Keep your messaging simple and get to the point quickly! Here are a few tips to remember when running an email campaign for your small business:

  • Keep your call-to-action and message above the fold. This gives your customer the important information they need immediately.
  • Create engaging and compelling subject lines. After all, this is the first piece of content your potential customer will see when they receive your message. Make the subject line captivating and interesting enough to get them to open up the email.
  • Keep the landing pages consistent with the branding of the email. This includes the design as well as the content.
  • Segment your lists by audience; in other words, categorize your list by priority and importance, and tailor your email message to your audience.

When done effectively, your email campaign can drive traffic to your website, and ultimately potential leads! For more information on creating an email campaign for your small business, contact EDK.