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Infographic Design Services

The digital era has brought with it a significant change in how we consume and read media. With information constantly being published 24/7 through social media outlets like Twitter, the demand for digestible, visually compelling infographics is at an all-time high. Our infographic design services have helped our small business clients take their visual communications to the next level. Let the talented designers at EDK help write and design an infographic for your company that will generate attention and engage readers!

Your data is only as good as the story it tells. Done correctly, an infographic can transform complex data into a readable piece of media that can be placed in a blog, on social media, or within a¬†marketing presentation. Our team of designers and writers can take data and create a narrative that explains to your audience why the data is important. Once we’ve established the story, we will create the structure for your infographic, with all the important design elements of color and typography selected to make it pop!

Our infographic design services here at EDK include:

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Research and content development for infographic
  • Narrative development
  • Infographic design and layout services

Learn more about our infographic design services. Call us at (818) 488-1543 or email us at info@edkandcompany.com.