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Sales Letter Writing Services

Engaging prospects with a product or service can be a challenge for small business owners. Yes, you know you have a wonderful product or service, but how do you get potential customers interesting in learning more about it — and making a purchase? Our sales letter writing services can help small business owners create interest in their product or service, increase sales, and build awareness.

Creating a compelling sales letter or marketing letter (short or long-form) for your online marketing or direct mail purposes can be the golden ticket in attracting new customers, or at the very least warm leads for potential sales down the road.

Let EDK be your sales letter writing partner! Our talented writers at EDK have years of experience in working for large corporations and selling for Fortune 500 companies. Let us help you find your inner salesperson, and help you convince your customer and sell your product or service through our custom sales letters and marketing letters.

You can use a sales letter to promote your stellar customer service, or announce a new product line. Whether you’re using it as a tool for direct mail marketing or an online marketing program, our customized sales letters will include an engaging introduction, a specific, tailored pitch for your product or service, and a specific call to action.

Our sales letter writing services meet a wide variety of sales and marketing needs. Our services include:

  • Business introduction letters
  • Cover letters
  • Sales presentations
  • Sales pitches
  • Invitation letters
  • Special or promotional offers

Push your online marketing program into overdrive! Contact us for more information about our sales letter writing services.