The world of plant-based marketing has emerged as a new growing industry. First of all, let us define the word marketing. According to the internet from Oxford, “Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.” Plant-based marketing is more of an umbrella term that includes marketing products and services related to sustainability, environmental causes, animal welfare, and now more recently, mental health. 

plant based marketing

From the point of view of the business owner, let’s use the example of a restaurant. You want to do some good creative marketing that will make your restaurant relevant. 

You decide to create a plant-based option for several dishes and add them to your menu. Now, you have the potential to double your clientele because more and more people are going plant-based. More importantly, now you can benefit from plant-based marketing. Plant-based marketing opens many doors, plus you are doing your part for the future of our planet and the health and wellness of humanity.

According to New Food Magazine, “Analysts now predict the plant-based food market to grow by 11.9% by 2027 and have estimated the value as being at $74.2 billion.” Plant-based products are here to stay, and it is about time. 

The benefits of a plant-based lifestyle with all its implications are a homerun for both businesses and marketers. According to research at Loma Linda University, on average, a plant-based diet will extend a woman’s life expectancy 9.5 years longer than her meat-eating counterparts. For men, their life expectancy will extend 6.1 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts. They are also 30 pounds thinner and don’t suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer that are linked to animal-based foods. 

Those who subscribe to a plant-based lifestyle also lead a kinder, calmer, and happier life. So driving plant-based marketing efforts could ultimately be the kind of marketing that cures us. It is our future! Learn about EDK’s boutique marketing services. Learn more tips and strategies on plant-based marketing in our short video!