One of the most frequent questions asked by a small business leader or entrepreneur is about the value of a press release. More often than not, those asking the question are under a cloud of misinformation of just what will happen when they write and distribute a press release. Well, it is time to try and bring some clarity to this mysterious and magical tool of the marketing professional!

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It Won’t Happen Overnight 

The first myth we need need to dispel is that within 24 hours, your phone and email will be blowing up with media requests. Unless you have discovered a cure for cancer or found the solution to global warming, do not expect an onslaught of inquiries. As small business leaders and entrepreneurs, we believe that our product or service is the answer to all of the world’s problems and is the best on the market. We have to believe unquestionably that we are the best! However, understand that even well-established Fortune 100 companies don’t always get energetic press inquiries.  

Why Should I Waste My Time?

Yes, you should absolutely write that press release! There is great value in one. Just because your inbox or phone does not blow up with media inquires doesn’t mean that the press release is not getting attention.

Remember, there are approximately 80,000 press releases submitted per day through all sorts of channels. That is a lot of traffic competing for bandwidth. Understand that journalists and media partners typically have industries or specialties that they focus on. Getting the attention of the right journalist requires thought, focus, and authenticity!

Don’t Waste My Time

Journalists are just like us; they are busy people and are looking for value in their business. Small business leaders and entrepreneurs should ensure that when considering a press release that it has value in its content and message! The release should also be well written, have easily verifiable and legally compliant facts, and must tell a story that engages quickly. You never want to exaggerate or distort the truth in any way, shape, form or fashion. The truth will eventually come to light. Remember, the digital web never forgets! If you continuously send out press releases that have hollow content, you will surely be ignored as a ‘time waster’ by journalists and worse, you could be banned from releasing your content. 

Also consider where your press release will be delivered. Will it be part of an announcement going out online, or as part of a press kit? This will help drive your content strategy for the press release.

How Can I Get This Right and Find Value?  

There is great value in a thoughtfully crafted press release. The best place to start is with a trusted marketing or PR professional. A trusted professional will first be able to evaluate whether or not a press release is worth your time and money. There are many other channels a marketing or PR professional has at their disposal to get the word out if the situation is not right for a press release. 

If the situation is right for a press release, your marketing or PR professional will be able to advise on the best service to submit your release and what type of distribution your release should get. There are numerous options available for your press release with a wide variety of costs. This is crucial to get the best value for your release. Remember the old adage of “You get what you pay for.”

There are many discussions about the SEO value of a press release and how deeply it is affected. To be sure, there is an inherent value to your SEO ranking with a well-planned press release, which contains associated keywords, links and web content. However, it should never be considered a significant driver of SEO ranking. It is just a part of a well-structured strategy.

Depend on your trusted marketing or PR professional to help you write and structure the content for your press release. They are the writing professionals, and you should depend on them to craft you a message that will help cut through the static and get some attention. A few hundred well-crafted words can create magic.   

Final Thoughts Before You Go Forward

Go into the process of determining the value to your organization of a press release with an open mind and a clear understanding of what you are getting. If you have the confidence to move forward on your own, the system is available to you. However, if you have doubts or need clarity, consult with your marketing or PR professional to help guide you through the process. The press release tool is valuable when done correctly. 

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