So you have a small business. Maybe you sell clothes, or you provide a custom service; it doesn’t matter what you sell or the service you provide; to help build your company, you should consider boutique branding services.   

boutique branding services

Why? You need to claim your space within your niche and the industry you’re in. Let’s say you sell fashionable t-shirts; if you don’t brand your boutique or product somehow, your business will blend with the others. 

The following is a true story. We aren’t using anybody’s name or anything that can identify them; we are merely sharing this so that you can see how effective branding is. A long time ago, when our boutique branding agency EDK and Company was just getting started, we worked with a client we’ll call Mr. X. He had accepted a job that he could not fulfill, so he posted this project through a website. He wanted a branding concept for a line of t-shirts.

To make a long story short, we came up with a dynamic concept of the “Boyfriend Team T-Shirt” for her, so she can show the world her favorite team and look sexy for you. 

It took off, and we generated some media interest from ESPN. However, the project didn’t go much further than that. Before EDK got involved, they were just slightly oversized t-shirts that nobody paid any attention to. Once we came up with the concept for the branding, things happened. We were not involved, so the story ends there for us. 

Not only do we at EDK believe in our boutique branding services for our clients, but for everyone who wants to build a name for themselves in their business. Boutique branding services are as important as an individual having a name.

From start to finish, our boutique branding services will create an entire campaign to christen a unique brand to your product and make it come to life.

Branding is an entire process, from concept to fruition. That specific concept requires a particular path for success to follow, and that path is known to the team that worked on it. At EDK and Company, we have our close-knit team ready to craft concepts and messaging. You will experience why our mantra is “EDK — where creative lives.”

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