Press release writers are the secret sauce behind a winning press release. Press release writers can craft compelling copy that’s informative and gets the attention of media and the public about a product, service, or event. The bonus is that depending on their role within an organization, a press release writer can help build relationships with the media outlets for the company they represent.

Although the press release follows a certain format, the press release writer can wake up a sleepy head and provide an accurate positive image of information regarding the subject of the release.

An excellent press release writer will never forfeit being accurate for flashy copy. Plain and simple, the press release needs to be factual and generate excitement and buzz. Accuracy is paramount when announcing new developments.

Here are some milestones that a press release writer may need to announce in their press releases. As you can see by the list, an excellent press release is worth its weight in gold:  

  • Company merger or acquisition
  • A new partnership
  • The opening of a brand new store location
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • The announcement of a new board member
  • An award recipient announcement
  • A new website or launching of a new company app
  • A major philanthropic donation

Social media can increase the value of the press release by reaching more people. They will post links to the original press release on social media and start a conversation. The conversation that could begin after the launch of a new product is a magical event. When you add social media to the equation of a press release, the power increases. Remember, your public resides on social media.

The power of social media, along with a well-written, engaging press release, could change the trajectory of a company for years to come.

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