So you’re a small business owner ready to get the word out about your fabulous product or service! Where do you start? If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you are probably thinking about handling the marketing aspect yourself. Maybe you’ll try writing your own press release, or purchasing one of those basic WordPress templates and attempting to build your own basic website.

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This, of course, has to get all done among the many other tasks you have to do — such as developing your new product line, hiring the right staff, and of course running the business!

Is there enough hours in the day to take on another task?? Or would it be better to let an expert handle the creativity and strategy required to driving a marketing program home — and leave your time better spent for things more suited to your talents and gifts?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners may start out with the greatest intentions on getting a marketing gameplan, but after a while realize that there’s a lot of moving parts in a smart marketing strategy. Which social media platform should you use? How does email marketing work? Would an online press release reach the intended customer base? All of these are common questions and should be seriously considered and thought about before any sort of marketing program is initiated.

Enlisting the services of a boutique marketing agency gives the business owner a few benefits:

  • Provides the expert consulting and guidance needed to run a strong, consistent, and effective marketing campaign
  • Gives a creative perspective through a small team of talented writers and designers overseeing projects and campaigns
  • Allows the business owner to focus attention on other revenue-generating tasks

Boutique marketing agencies also offer the personalized attention not often found with larger marketing agencies, which can prove to be immensely valuable for an entrepreneur when they want to craft the right voice and branding message for their business. It is truly a collaborative effort between the business owner and the marketing agency, and a boutique firm can offer the attention and creativity needed to execute the CEO’s vision.

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