Creative branding is everywhere! In fact without you even realizing it, how you dress is part of your brand. If you’re a dog owner, did you know how you present your dog is part of your branding?

We aren’t suggesting that you picked your dog because of creative branding, but we are bringing all of these commonplace ordinary tasks up so you can see how creative branding is based on truth. 

creative branding

Your business brand is based on its owner or CEO, which is you. Ask yourself – what is important to you? What are your values and mission? At the core of creative branding for your business is what you value most. Once this has been established, the rest is easy.

The reason we use this approach for our branding clients is because we have found that it is the most effective. Remember, creative branding is always based on your core truth, regardless of the business you have.

For example, let’s say you have two people who are small business owners. It doesn’t matter if one of them owns a home cleaning business and the other owns a child daycare. First of all, we tell them that their mission and values need to be incorporated as part of their brand messaging. It is important to be truthful in your core values and what really means a lot to you. There isn’t a wrong answer or an incorrect core value. We promise.   

The fact that you have the creativity to start a business and make an income is an amazing gift! Depending on your business’s size, you help America by providing a way to make a living for your employees and their families. We’d say you’re one of our unsung heroes. 

Learn about the importance of branding in our short YouTube video!

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