It’s not a secret that in order to be a vegan and stick to it, you need a community of like-minded people. Friends, family, and even coworkers share great vegan recipes and places to eat. These networks of supporters become your lifeline to keep you in the vegan mode. Well EDK’s CEO and founder, Endrea Kosven, who lives in Los Angeles with Dean, her husband of 10 years, not only support each other but the vegan cause itself.

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For those of you who are animal enthusiasts, both Endrea and Dean’s dogs are vegans! So that this doesn’t offend anyone, dogs by nature are omnivores, which means they get their nutrition from both plants and animals. Part of Endrea’s decision to try her dogs Kona and Kokonut on a vegan diet was because of their food sensitivities and allergies, and all the recalls on various dog foods just added to the decision.

Both Endrea and Dean were on their quest to find new vegan establishments; this particular day, they decided to try the Fatty Vegan where punk rock and great vegan food meet. She was interviewed by Ali Wire of the Moorpark Reporter, who asked Endrea her opinion of the establishment. Endrea was not shy to say what she felt! Read the article here.