According to Market Data Forecast, the global healthy snacks market is project to reach over $32 billion by 2026. The healthy snack market is essential and keeps growing in leaps and bounds.

healthy snacks market

We all know what healthy snacks are, right? A more truthful statement is that we all have our opinion based on what’s important to us on what is considered a healthy snack. For example, for a strict vegan, a healthy snack is whole foods plant-based, not processed, and cannot contain any sneaky ingredients derived from milk, such as lactose, curd, whey, or casein.

So the vegan will pass up yogurt or a hard-boiled egg, or even a piece of cheese, all of which are considered low-glycemic, high-energy healthy snacks to most people. The vegan will opt for homemade treats that are true to their lifestyle. 

If someone is dealing with a heart condition, this usually means staying away from anything that contains salt. Here you should be careful because salt is a super sneaky ingredient. If you’re like a few people at our office, you love apples sprinkled with Tajín.

Tajín is delicious and will increase your intake of apples, and they are very healthy. One medium apple contains vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, B6, manganese, and copper. No doubt about it, apples rock and are a healthy snack. 

Tajín has a citrusy, spicy flavor with lots of salt. It’s delicious, but the salt will make your blood pressure rise and retain water. So for someone with high blood pressure or a heart condition, ditch the Tajín. Of course, you might not be as interested in eating five apples a day, but you could opt for one apple. 

We must mention that Tajín does have a low sodium version, but that isn’t the problem; it’s us, humans – we just add more of this seasoning.

Nuts would also typically be considered a healthy snack and are a great source of protein. However, if you have a nut allergy, please stay away from nuts (which could be deadly to you).

Healthy snacks should be beneficial for all that is you, with your health in mind and an extension of your already mindful diet. So please read the ingredients of the healthy snacks you buy for yourself (and your pet if you are a pet parent).

Watch our short YouTube video on the healthy snacks marketplace with some quick tips on how to grow your healthy snacks brand.

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