What goes into an effective content writer? A good content writer has to have adaptability. When we say adaptability, we mean that the writer has to write on any topic thrown at them with expertise and confidence. 

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This leads us to another must-have trait: strong research skills. With adaptability and strong research skills, the next trait is the superpower and money maker, and that is…drumroll please… creativity!

Successful content writers can wake up the juices of any website in any industry, but they must have these traits we described earlier. Otherwise, they will become stagnant and skinny because they won’t make any money. If you didn’t get that – no money means very little food!

All kidding aside, a talented writer can boost the traffic to your website because of the content they write and how they present it. Say your company offers custom car renovations, and the company owner has been writing all the content on their company website. Their grammar is good; in fact, everything checks out, but traffic to the website isn’t growing as you’d think. 

There are two reasons why things remain slow on the company site. One is the perfect segue to the following skill set – SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge. A good content writer has an excellent understanding of SEO. It acts like secret words that lead people to your website. Nobody would know your company exists without search engine optimization unless they stumbled onto it by accident. 

The other reason traffic can remain slow is that the content writing isn’t engaging. Most good writers are storytellers, which means they will engage the audience. That is a characteristic that we feel is important. Storytelling isn’t one of the necessary skills to be a decent content writer, but it is if you want to be a very successful content writer. A content writer who is a natural storyteller can create a traffic jam of people wanting to go to your company website. 

Watch our short video on the importance of the content writer for your brand.

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